End of Summer 2021

End of Summer 2021

Whew! What a year it’s been! We hope you all enjoyed your summers as much as we did.

Now let’s get a recap of Dunebird Summer 2021!


Pop Up Shops!

We held 7 pop-up shops in LBI! Some days were better than others, but it’s always nice to strike up a conversation with other LBI beach goers. We did our first joint pop-up shop with Gianna from Feelin’ Blue at the Surf Shack in Bay Village. The Local Market and Sink R Swim also hosted us for a few times. We even returned to our roots by having a pop-up shop outside The Art Studio in Medford Lakes during Canoe Carnival. Thanks to the Wikers for bringing a tent for us, so we didn’t melt out there!


The Promo Video Comes to Life

We shot an awesome Dunebird promo video over 4th of July weekend with all of our friends. It gave us a great reason to all get back together while creating a ton of content for Dunebird. Thanks again to James Rudman for creating the vision we had for the video!


Nearly Sold Out!

Since starting Dunebird in January 2020, we’ve sold over 600 shirts and we’re almost sold out all of our most popular sizes in our inventory. Thanks to Austin Marsdale for creating some awesome graphics for the new line this summer!


Thank You All!

Thank you everybody for your support! It’s crazy how far we’ve come since Howie first had the idea, “We should buy those towel shirts from those guys,” just a year and a half ago. We walked the streets of Philly back to Howie’s apartment carrying box after box of Terry Towel shirts (nearly 500 of them!).

We couldn’t have done anything close to this without all the support of our friends and family. Also, if you have any suggestions for how we should expand next year (social media, pop-up locations, retail stores to get into, etc.) or any new clothes you’d like to see, let us know! We’re all ears and love input from the community.


Summer 2022 here we come!